Bike Repair

We offer a FULL range of repair and maintenance services for ALL brands of bikes.  From Argon to Zeus, a new tube to a complete overhaul, our team of professional mechanics have got you covered.

Please call or stop by!  We appreciate the opportunity to respond to your questions.

Our most popular service packages include:

Handshake Tune-Up


Safety inspection and recommendations

Adjust mechanical brakes

Adjust derailleurs

Lube the chain

Torque all bolts to specifications

Inflate Tires

Highfive Tune-Up


Handshake tune-up plus:

True and tension wheels

Off the bike drivetrain clean

Adjust all bearing systems

Additional a la carte labor 50% off

Hug Overhaul


Highfive Tune-Up Plus:

Bleed hydraulic disc brakes

Replace all cables and housing

Replace handlebar grips/tape

Overhaul bearing systems

Wash frame and clean braking surface

Additional a la carte labor 50% off

Brush & Floss


Off the bike drivetrain clean in our parts washer

Includes all necessary adjustments

Includes parts removal and installation

Pick Up and Drop Off

Too busy to bring your bike into the shop?

We'll pick up your bike, our mechanics will inspect it and contact you with service recommendations.  Once our mechanics have repaired your bike, we'll bring it back to you. $20 pick up OR delivery, $10 for each additional bike. Please call for availability for pick up and delivery.